Molly Hassell

Movie Review: Three Christs (2017)

Once upon a time (in 2017), a movie was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival. Filled to the brim with stars like Richard Gere and Peter Dinklage, it promised to spin a cinematic tale based upon a famous psychiatric case study (The Three Christs of Ypsilanti by Milton Rokeach) that involved complex elements of…

Movie Trailer: Vamps (2012)

Alicia Silverstone has reunited with Amy Heckerling in Vamps in a hope to restrike the “Clueless” flame that made her a household name in the 90s. It’s doubtful to work, but the film, which costars Krysten Ritter as Silverstone’s fellow partying vampire, has some fresh and cute qualities to it. Making it all the better…

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