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Movie Review: Private Number (2014)

In the indie thriller, Private Number, writer Michael Lane (Hal Ozsan, “Redline”) is under a lot of pressure. His first novel, Knight Fire, did reasonably well, and now, he’s really struggling to write his second. His loving wife, Katherine (Nicholle Tom, “Hang Loose”), has recently opened her own boutique and really, really wants to have…

Movie Review: The Barber (2014)

The Barber is a B-movie’s B-movie. While many of the tropes those well-acquainted with this type of film have come to know are present, several of them are approached uniquely or service the plot in ways far less tired than the tropes themselves. Truer to form still is the ridiculously overdone ending, another familiar element…

Movie Review: Lullaby (2014)

The Garrett Hedlund Dilemma: How To Avoid Outlaw Clichés and Maximize Potential. Does the above text currently exist? No, not yet it doesn’t — but the world of cinema may demand it by 2015. The opening scenes of Andrew Levitas’ feature debut, Lullaby, have Mr. Hedlund mirroring the roles of “On The Road” and “Inside…

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