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Movie Review: The Big Year (2011)

Who, in their right mind, would have thought a film about the enthusiasm for the frankly boring occupation of birdwatching would make for such a fun experience? Apparently 20th Century Fox did, as their newest release, The Big Year, while not drop dead hilarious, is nonetheless a very decent time at the cinemaplex. Evidently, for…

Movie Trailer: The Big Year (2011)

If not for anything else, the upcoming movie The Big Year should be entertaining just because it has a fantastic cast supporting it. It’s about three guys, each with a separate crisis — mid-life, work-life and no-life — that compete with each other in everything they do. It culminates — imagine it — at an…

Movie Review: Lucky You (2007)

I decided to take a chance. Rarely do I sit and watch movies or television shows about poker. The last time I did was in 1998 for the movie “Rounders” and that was only because I think Edward Norton is a great actor. I avoid movies about poker because they are boring. Unless you’re heavily…

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