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Movie Review: Ghost Team One (2013)

And here I thought “A Haunted House” or what has become of the Scary Movie franchise (“Scary Movie 4,” “Scary Movie 5“) was as deep as the horror parody cesspool went. No, to my surprise it apparently goes much, much deeper. Ghost Team One, with its liberal use of profanity (most of which is painfully…

Movie Trailer: Ghost Team One (2013)

Party ’til you wake the dead. That seems to be what friends, Brad (J.R. Villarreal) and Sergio (Carlos Santos) have done in the upcoming found-footage ghost comedy Ghost Team One. But taking it several steps further and capitalizing on the apparent paranormal activity, the clueless guys elicit the help from local hottie, Fernanda (Fernanda Romero),…

Movie Review: The Other Dream Team (2012)

At the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the Soviet Union basketball team beat the U.S. squad for the gold medal and more importantly, bragging rights. In what is assumed to be a U.S. dominated sport in which an American team had only failed to get the gold once before, they not only lost, but tragically, they lost…

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