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Movie Trailer: Neighbors (2014)

If Seth Rogen can land Katherine Heigl in “Knocked Up,” then it is at least a possibility he can land Rose Byrne, right? Either way, he’s married to her in Universal Pictures’ upcoming comedy Neighbors and together they butt heads with the party-til-you-puke frat house that has moved in next door. Crude stupidity, as it…

Movie Review: Last Vegas (2013)

Last Vegas, despite the clunky title and a tried-and-true plot, has plenty of funny moments, due mostly to the charm and enthusiasm of its aging cast and the script itself, by Dan Fogelman. But is it inspiring? A laugh-out-loud comedy? Well, no and no — but it still mostly works, at least as well as…

Red Band Movie Trailer: Oldboy (2013)

Some, including me, would say the original Chan-wook Park “Oldboy” has no business being remade. But then again, maybe Spike Lee is on to something as the redband trailer for the remake, which was released today by FilmDistrict, actually looks good. For those not in the know, this brutal revenge tale focuses on a man…

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