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Movie Trailer: Goon (2011)

Every hockey team has an enforcer or two — a couple of guys who don’t have the best stick handling or skating skills but can kick the ass of those who do. In Goon that’s Doug Glatt. As a member of the lowly Halifax Highlanders, his responsibility is to wreak havoc on opposing teams while…

Movie Trailer: Dark Tide (2011)

Is 2011 becoming the year of the shark? Possibly, as the US has “Shark Night 3D” coming out this year, Australia has “Bait” (also 3D coincidentally) and now comes Dark Tide. This film, however, promises to be more of a dramatic thriller as opposed to the mindless body chomping guaranteed by the other films (although…

Movie Trailer: Retreat (2011)

If there is one thing compelling about the trailer of Retreat it’s that Jamie Bell looks like he makes a great psycho. Otherwise, the movie appears to be like any other run-of-the mill “take a helpless stranger in only to be terrorized by said helpless stranger” flick. Hopefully, there is something more to the movie…

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