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Movie Review: All Hallows’ Eve 2 (2015)

Breaking the cardinal rule of Ouija boards, an unnamed woman lays her hands on the planchette and asks the spirits of Halloween why Robert hasn’t called her yet. Growing tired of the game, she wanders aimlessly around her apartment until she hears a knock at her door. At her feet lies an old VHS tape,…

Movie Review: Zombieworld (2015)

Zombieworld is a horror-comedy tour de force that’s an absolute must see for everyone who enjoys mixing their giggles with their gore. While far from a perfect film, Zombieworld is an anthology style romp through one take on the apocalypse that injects as much new life into its genre as it resurrects, leading to some…

Movie Review: The Device (2014)

It’s been twelve years since Abby (Angela DiMarco) last saw her sister, Rebecca (Kate Alden), and she’s very nervous about spending time with her again. Accompanied by Abby’s fiancé Calvin (David S. Hogan), they travel to the family cabin in the woods to spread their mother’s ashes in the lake she loved. The weekend is…

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