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Movie Review: Wildlike (2014)

God did I want to like Wildlike — I really, really wanted to. Let me tell you why. Though I’ll not bore you with unnecessary details, I should elaborate on such a self-absorbed claim: I am a seriously superstitious soul. “Seriously” is, in all truth, almost a euphemism in this context, but I rather drown…

Movie Review: The Grey (2012)

Joe Carnahan’s The Grey falls in line with an intimate, frequently grueling genre of films that serve as potent reminders of why humankind builds cities. Pitting eternally grizzled survivor Liam Neeson and a dwindling crew of compatriots against a vicious, unrelenting nature, the film gets off to a strong start before mooring itself in thinly…

Movie Trailer: The Grey (2012)

Man vs. Wild is one way to explain Open Road Films’ The Grey, although that’s a simple comparison. After a plane crashes in the pristine Alaskan wilderness, a group of survivors must battle the harsh elements and a pack of hungry grey wolves — some, to say the least, are luckier than others. I’d like…

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