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Movie Review: Denial (2016)

Historical and even scientific truth can be merely the consensus agreed upon by those who presently have the power and influence to determine public opinion, or it can be based on evidence that has been tested in the laboratory, in debate, or in a court of law. Written by David Hare and based on the…

Movie Review: Court (2014)

Winner of two major awards at the 2014 Venice Film Festival and India’s official entry for Best Foreign Film at the 2016 Oscars, 28-year-old Chaitanya Tamhane’s first feature, Court, is not a typical courtroom drama but a devastating look at the failings of the judicial system in India. Portrayed by mostly non-professional actors, the film…

Feature: Top 10 Movie Judges

Order in the court! The legalized atmosphere in the world of cinema can be as compelling as it is comical. The courtroom shenanigans on the big screen — no matter how serious or silly — always has its requisite overseer to control the proceedings: The judge! Hence, we will take a look at the gravel-banging…

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