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Movie Review: Teslafy Me (2019)

Often considered a forgotten genius, Nikola Tesla had a fascinating early life and upbringing, albeit not as impressive as his life and work in developing applications that could and would create devices that would transform electricity for practical uses. Tesla wasn’t simply an inventor (which would have been more than enough), but a visionary, a…

Movie Review: Hidden Figures (2016)

Mathematics and mathematicians may not appear to be the most dramatic material. Filmmakers seem aware of this potential failing, and thus produce subtle, nuanced and often very impressive films based around this topic, which end up being award contenders. Such is the case with Hidden Figures, for in the tradition of (Oscar winners) “Good Will…

Movie Review: The Wind Rises (2013)

For what is supposedly his final film, anime master Hayao Miyazaki ambitiously departs from his usual genre territory and yet still honors his innermost passions while once again expressing wonder through the imaginative eyes of its protagonist. The Wind Rises stands out in Miyazaki’s filmography because not only is it anchored in reality when nearly…

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