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Movie Review: Welcome to Me (2014)

She enters in a swan boat to a meager audience barely populating the struggling studio wherein her talk show is being recorded and aired for the first time. Her is she. She is me. Me is Alice Klieg. Alice is a Californian divorcee in her early 40’s who has been fighting against mental illness for…

Movie Review: Nebraska (2013)

Alexander Payne, in his comedy-drama Nebraska, paints a picture of a decaying rural America, one that has become a spiritual and economic wasteland for the few that remain. Its empty streets, boarded up storefronts and the few businesses left cater to an elderly population that seems to care nothing about improving the quality of their…

Movie Trailer: Lucky (2011)

What does winning the lottery have to do with serial killing? On the surface nothing, but in the new indie comedy Lucky, whose trailer debuted today, everything. When weak and ignored office worker Ben wins the lottery, his world, as one would suspect, changes. He gets the girl of his dreams (who couldn’t stand him…

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