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Movie Review: Traffik (2018)

Writer/director/co-producer Deon Taylor (“Meet the Blacks”) oversees Traffik, a disposable mystery-suspense project with all the anticipation and edginess of sitting in traffic on the inner loop of I-495 West outside Washington D.C. His pseudo-tense thriller incorporates all the clichéd conventions imaginable: Pretty people in peril, normally smart people doing dumb things, remote romantic getaway shot…

Movie Review: Across the River (2016)

The word that will be most often used to describe Across the River, a movie about two ex-lovers spending a few hours together on the streets of London, is small. We often use the word small these days to describe movies that don’t involve superheroes or CGI, what Siskel & Ebert used to refer to…

Movie Trailer: Empires of the Deep (2012)

Epic in wonderment comes the forbidden love story entwined within an undersea war, Empires of the Deep. Unfortunately for China Film Group, the amazement comes from the fact that the movie was even made as it has long been fraught with production over-runs and directing/casting desertions. A taste of those speedbumps can be seen in…

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