David Koepp

Movie Review: Men in Black III (2012)

What I loved about 1997’s “Men in Black” was it embraced its own corniness. The aliens were over-the-top and blew up like Jello molds; the sets had a distinct comic book feel to them; and the story balanced workplace comedy with fantastical backdrops. The style worked, propelling the film to financial and critical greatness. But…

Movie Trailer #2: Men in Black 3 (2012)

Men in Black 3 is looking better than I anticipated. I was quietly concerned the premise had worn out its welcome, but the new trailer released today by Columbia Pictures looks fresh and fun. Will Smith as agent J is slick as ever and Josh Brolin as the young agent K makes a fine straight…

Movie Trailer: Men in Black 3 (2012)

How does one inject new life into a successful franchise that has laid dormant for nine years? In the case of Men in Black 3, the answer is to introduce time travel! In this installment, agent J goes back in time to work with a younger agent K to uncover deeply guarded secrets pertinent to…

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