Melissa McCarthy

Movie Review: The Boss (2016)

The problem with modern comedies is, well, most just aren’t funny. They take ridiculous, over-the-top situations (which is not entirely bad unto itself), but add a healthy dose of violence, profanity and toilet humor. In the case of a self-parody or genre-bending tale like “This Is the End,” these ingredients usually work; for something like…

Movie Review: Tammy (2014)

Tammy Banks (Melissa McCarthy, “The Heat”) is having the bad day to end all bad days. Thanks to a deer with a death wish she has managed to crash her poor excuse for a car and then get fired from her dead end job at the depressing burger joint Topper Jacks. To top it all…

Movie Trailer: Tammy (2014)

Melissa McCarthy is back doing what she does best — acting outrageous and profane. Okay, you won’t notice the profane from this first trailer for New Line Cinema’s Tammy but let me assure you, come redband trailer time it’ll be there. She plays the titular character who goes through a series of misadventures when she…

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