Seth Grahame-Smith

Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

It’s hard to imagine a movie called Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter being highbrow cinema, but that’s exactly what director Timur Bekmambetov aspired of for his follow-up to 2008’s cult-hit “Wanted.” Unfortunately, in spite of its silly title (which hearkens back to grindhouse-era exploitation cinema), the film rarely cracks a joke and its über serious tone…

Movie Review: Dark Shadows (2012)

It’s intriguing that a film with an all-star cast and plenty of sex, drugs and rock and roll (along with copious amounts of blood, gore and monsters) can run out of steam in the second half. Ah, hell, it’s really just sad because it results in one of the least favorably-rated Tim Burton-Johnny Depp collaborations…

Movie Trailer: Dark Shadows (2012)

There is but two guarantees in the movie business and both deal with Johnny Depp. One, he can always be counted on to play “interesting” characters. Two, he is attached to the hip of Tim Burton. Both of these certainties are in play in the Gothic-themed horror flick Dark Shadows. Based on a 1960’s cult…

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