Travis Beacham

Movie Review: Pacific Rim (2013)

Laden with clamorous battle scenes, sweeping visual effects and a fairly conventional storyline, Pacific Rim delivers in its appeal but lingers dangerously close to the entrance to the vault of forgettable, inconsequential summer films. That’s mostly due to the fact this — in the most simplistic of analogies — “Godzilla” meets “Transformers” movie suffers from…

Movie Trailer #2: Pacific Rim (2013)

I’ve shied away from trailer overload (some films are getting five to ten trailers nowadays) but I couldn’t pass on the latest trailer for Pacific Rim. It may not be as good as the action fueled WonderCon footage released a month back (I’ve embedded that below since I didn’t post when it first became available)…

Movie Trailer: Pacific Rim (2013)

Last night the anticipated trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim was loosed on the internet. For me, it’s a bit of a letdown; what I see feels too damn similar to a mishmash of “Godzilla,” “The Big O” and “Battleship” right now. The hokey battle speech by Idris Elba doesn’t help much either. That…

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