Feature: Top 10 Hottest Movie Strippers

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In honor of Ms. Jessica Biel adding herself to the list of actresses who’ve played a stripper on the big screen, I developed my personal top 10 list of the best and sexiest strippers in a movie.

Criteria: Must be a known actress in a stripper role.

There may be a few NSFW clips down below. You’ve been warned.

Lindsay LohanI Know Who Killed Me

During her descent into the oblivion. She needs to do this more often.

Jessica AlbaSin City

She needs to learn a lot more moves and act like she likes it but she is still fine on the eyes.

Daryl HannahDancing at the Blue Iguana

Coulda picked Jennifer Tilly too but Daryl has that something extra. This clip doesn’t show enough of it though…

Elizabeth BerkleyShowgirls

Las Vegas, the number one destination for hot girls who want to forget they were in Saved by the Bell.

Rose McGowanPlanet Terror

Not much hotter than a stripper who can kick zombie ass.

Jessica BielPowder Blue

It’s been a long, long time coming. There’s another clip with hot wax you’ll need to see too.

Pamela AndersonBarb Wire

A chick getting sprayed with water is hot. Pamela Anderson in leather getting sprayed with water is even hotter.

Marisa TomeiThe Wrestler

Like a fine wine: The older Marisa gets, the better she gets.

Salma HayekDogma

First inclination was to select From Dusk Till Dawn. But bouncy, perky and pigtails wins out.

Demi MooreStriptease

C’mon. It doesn’t get any better than this!

Sheri Moon Zombie in Halloween and Natalie Portman in Closer almost made the list. Got one I’ve missed? Don’t be shy — speak your mind.


  1. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Can’t argue much with your choices except perhaps Jessica Alba should rank better than a nine.

  2. - The Critical Movie Critics
    Dollar Bill

    I love strippers!

    Snap them g-strings! :P

  3. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Are you kidding? How isn’t Pamela Anderson numero uno? In her prime nothing could touch her.

  4. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Karl –

    Jessica Alba needs to work on her stripper skills.

    Dollar Bill –

    Every man should love them, provided they can afford to be there.

    Wayne –

    She’s not numero uno because Demi Moore is numero uno!

  5. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Wow I’m amazed Lindsay Lohan did that video and even more amazed it got onto youtube. Wasn’t that a naked breast I saw?

  6. - The Critical Movie Critics

    I love the stripper skill of Demi Moore. She got the moves.

  7. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Jenna Jameson in Zombie Strippers should be on the list, bump Alba off. Wasn’t Scarlett Johansson rumored to strip, or is that the role Jessica got?

  8. - The Critical Movie Critics

    naughty stripping videos of Jessica Biel i love it, Demi Moore very nice strip show ,I think these 2 stripper is the best of them all
    I love them both

  9. - The Critical Movie Critics

    How could you miss Roselyn Sanchez in Yellow?

  10. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Damn isn’t this exciting.Lol as for jenna jameson i’m sure stripping doesnt really count eh? probably why she isnt in this list, I actually think this list is correct, all the best ones are definitely here!

  11. - The Critical Movie Critics

    These videos are really awesome. I have liked the video of Lindsay Lohan. because she is very hot. All other videos are also great. Thanks….

  12. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Kristen stewart in Welcome to the Rileys hot booty!

  13. - The Critical Movie Critics

    I tink Roslyn Sanchez in yellow deserves to be on the list for sure. Worth looking into. Also Shannon Elizabeth in dish dogs was ok. And even though its not really a strip dance Salma Hayek in From Dusk Til Dawn was awesome.

  14. - The Critical Movie Critics

    wow… no black strippers? what about lisa raye in players club? she would have for sure made my top 5!

  15. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Demi is bloody amazing. Im a chick and I’ve watched Striptease sooo many times, one of my favorites <3

  16. - The Critical Movie Critics

    All the videos are rocking. I just love it!

  17. - The Critical Movie Critics

    very hot and sexy scenes, can anyone give me some links regarding hot movies and plz give me procedure to download them


  18. - The Critical Movie Critics

    I lose so much money in those god forsaken clubs…

  19. - The Critical Movie Critics
    Jenna May

    Time to open this list up to male strippers. You have two to pick from: Channing Tatum or Matthew McConaughey from Magic Mike.

  20. - The Critical Movie Critics

  21. - The Critical Movie Critics
    Lil Al


  22. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Olivia Wilde, Butter.

  23. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Haven’t seen it yet but Jennifer Aniston is perfect and she plays a stripper in ‘We’re the Millers’.

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