Aksel Hennie

Movie Review: The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)

Anthologies are a kind of a risk/reward endeavor. It’s a great way to keep a series fresh and innovative, especially as age goes against it, but iconography can often ruin those kind of plans. Remember when “Halloween” was supposed to be an anthology series? Not only did “Halloween” become too popular for its own good,…

Movie Review: Pioneer (2013)

In the early 1980s, an oil reserve was discovered in the North Sea, off the coast of Norway. The problem revolved around this reserve being located over 500 meters below sea level — a depth at which it is incredibly dangerous for divers to build pipelines. The US had the scientific technology and knowledge to…

Movie Review: Headhunters (2011)

Headhunters (directed by Morten Tyldum) is a crime thriller based on Jo Nesbo’s 2008 best seller of the same name and produced by the people that brought us the movie adaption’s of the Stieg Larsson trilogy. Don’t let that fact fool you into expecting more of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” however, as Headhunters…

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