Ben Foster

Movie Review: 30 Days of Night (2007)

There are a few things in this world that make me uncomfortable. Being stuck in a barren wasteland is one of them. And although I’m not a person who fears the dark, something about being stuck in it for and extended period of time sends shivers down my spine. I’m also not a big fan…

Movie Review: Alpha Dog (2006)

Ahhh . . . a true life crime drama starring Justin Timberlake! It’s gotta be good, right? Surprisingly, the answer is yes! Alpha Dog is the true story of some wannabe, suburban gangsters who party their asses off, don’t have a care in the world and get themselves caught up in a kidnapping gone wrong…

Movie Review: Hostage (2005)

Let’s begin by saying I like Bruce Willis. Always have. Any man that bagged Demi Moore is alright in my book. So I looked forward to checking out his latest movie Hostage. How can Hollywood screw up a movie that seems so similar to one of the greats: Die Hard? Movie starts off great. Motherfucker…

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