Brendan Fehr

Movie Review: Wander (2020)

The opening supertext of Wander draws attention to “indigenous, black, and people of color,” refers to “government violences,” and “change,” and highlights that the film was shot on the homelands of indigenous peoples. Released in 2020 shortly after the presidential election, it is tempting to see this film in the light of progressive change and…

Movie Review: Zarra’s Law (2014)

From its first scene of dialogue, older Italian men with permanent scowls etched into their world weary faces mumbling to each other in a Brooklyn bar, Zarra’s Law reads like a mob movie made by someone who wants to imitate the genre but doesn’t speak a word of English. For a significant portion of the…

Movie Trailer: Silent Night (2012)

For some, Christmas is a time to enjoy the company of friends and family. For others, it’s a time to kill in the most inhumane manner possible. Silent Night, the remake of eighties slasher flick “Silent Night, Deadly Night” recounts the instance when a sociopath, dressed as Santa Claus no less, brings his brand of…

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