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Movie Trailer: Green Lantern (2011)

The second theatrical trailer for the Green Lantern has been available today by Warner Bros. Pictures. I’m still scratching my head as to why a B-list comic character has been made into a such a high profile movie but from what is shown here my interest has been re-piqued (the first trailer was a complete…

Movie Review: Orphan (2009)

In motion pictures, it’s a widespread belief that children are the embodiment of pure evil. Perhaps not all kids are the spawn of Satan, but horror filmmakers realize that evil disguised behind the eyes of a seemingly innocent child is an effective way of amplifying the scare factor. Into this genre now steps 2009’s Orphan….

Movie Review: Knight and Day (2010)

Tom Cruise used to be the personification of “badass.” He struggled to become the best pilot he could be in Top Gun, he overcame the impossible in Mission: Impossible and of course, he tackled a dystopian future in Minority Report. But it seems like the action-hero has aged quite poorly and these days he’s tackling…

Movie Review: An Education (2009)

Providing the text-book example for any agitated parent in need of an aid for their rehearsed “don’t talk to strangers” speech, the complex and life changing results for 16 year-old Jenny (acted by Carey Mulligan), after jumping into an older man’s car on her way home on a rainy day, will surely be of use….

Movie Review: Flightplan (2005)

Let me start this review by saying that if my wife, whom I love dearly, didn’t want to watch this move, I wouldn’t have gone near it. I’ll be the first to admit Jodie Foster is a top-tier actress, but that fact didn’t outweigh the notion that Flightplan is a hokey piece of shit. First,…

Movie Review: The Skeleton Key (2005)

We’ve all seen the advertisements of the The Skeleton Key telling would-be movie watchers that ‘this movie is as good as “The Sixth Sense”‘ and asking people to not ‘spoil the ending.’ So, as most of mindless America, I bit the hook and and let them reel me in. In a nutshell the movie casts…

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