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Movie Review: Flightplan (2005)

Let me start this review by saying that if my wife, whom I love dearly, didn’t want to watch this move, I wouldn’t have gone near it. I’ll be the first to admit Jodie Foster is a top-tier actress, but that fact didn’t outweigh the notion that Flightplan is a hokey piece of shit.

First, Flightplan starts off very, very slowly. Robert Schwentke (director) tries to build up relationships and character insights during this period, but it is done in a lazy manner. I don’t think I learned anything for the 40 minutes dedicated to this, other than Jodie Foster’s husband fell off a roof and she is moving to NY with her child to escape. A lot of time spent about nothing.

What was good, as expected, was the performance Jodie Foster puts forth. She is undoubtedly worth her price tag as an actress. She portrays a distraught woman (death of husband, loss of job, missing child) very realistically. My wife basically made it known that she would have behaved in a similar fashion. Which means like a crazy person!

What was bad, as expected, was the plot. How on earth didn’t anyone on a crowded plane not see a little girl? Not even the flight attendants? How is it possible to steal away an eight year old girl without anyone hearing or seeing? On a fucking plane no less! Lastly, I hope to God that Homeland Security has better flight marshals on board international flights than what was presented here. This guy makes every bonehead move in the book.

What you get here is a semi-thrilling movie that, although based in a reality setting, expects the viewer to suspend common sense to make the movie work. Bullshit. Wasted is a top notch performance by Jodie Foster.

Critical Movie Critic Rating:
3 Star Rating: Average


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