Richard Dreyfuss

Movie Review: Book Club (2018)

They say that reading is fundamental, but the romantic goings-on in the mature rom-com Book Club should be more of a page-turner especially when it involves some of Hollywood’s all-time seasoned and decorated actresses. In a way it is quite refreshing (and rare) to encounter an unconventional romantic comedy catering to senior citizens as the…

Movie Review: Squatters (2014)

At the onset of Martin Weisz’s Los Angeles-based Squatters, two raggedy drifters awake on the beach under a lifeguard station. Dirty clothes. Matted hair. The sun slowly rises and two of the most glammed out drifters of cinema are revealed. The beauty of the girl is made abundantly clear through her cherry red lips while…

Movie Review: Paranoia (2013)

When one titles a film using a human emotion or condition (i.e., “Frantic” or “Frenzy” or “Psycho” or “Vertigo“), the bar needs to be set fairly high. In the case of Paranoia, however, that bar could not possibly get any lower. And despite starring several Academy Award-caliber performers (previous nominees Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman,…

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