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Movie Review: Big Eyes (2014)

For years now, Tim Burton has seemingly lost the ability to surprise. So his latest picture succeeds on that modest level by actually being somewhat decent. Big Eyes, a strange true story about deceit in the world of art and marriage, is hardly Burton at his best, but it’s certainly Burton at his most enjoyable…

Movie Review: The Art of the Steal (2013)

Kurt Russell (“Grindhouse: Deathproof”) leads a cast of con men (and a woman), including Jay Baruchel (“This Is the End“), Matt Dillon (“Armored“), Chris Diamantopoulos (“The Three Stooges“), Katheryn Winnick (“Stand Up Guys“) and Kenneth Welsh (“Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer“) in The Art of the Steal, a complicated, mildly entertaining heist picture…

Movie Review: Valkyrie (2008)

There was a time, in the not so distant past, when anything Tom Cruise starred in was a bonafide hit. His recent bizarre social etiquette seems to have changed that as 2007’s Lions for Lambs attests to. Deciding to follow that up with the obscure German war thriller Valkyrie surely isn’t the way to go…

Movie Review: Wanted (2008)

General note to all before reading this movie review: if you can’t leave your reasoning and common sense behind, stop reading – Wanted is not for you. For everyone else, continue reading – an entertainment guarantee awaits. Wanted is the story of a young account manager named Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) who is suffering from…

Movie Review: Elektra (2005)

How is it possible to create a worse movie than “Alone in the Dark?” Easy, dump out a piling heap of shit and title it Elektra. Now let’s be realistic. I knew the movie was going to be a waste of time and money. I watched this movie for two reasons. One, it was free….

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