Articles by Peter Flynn

The Critical Movie Critics

I'm currently a student of film studying at King's College London. I'm an advocate for cinema as a sense. Feeling films rather than getting them. Experiencing the movies rather than going to them. Bettering oneself through the mere act of watching. Oh and my favourite film is Tremors.

Movie Review: The World’s End (2013)

The “Cornetto Trilogy”, as people started calling it when the prospect of a third film reared its head and we all patiently sat through “Paul,” is surely something to be studied. If you don’t like “Shaun of the Dead,” people treat you like you’re some soulless homunculi poorly imitating human opinion, and with good reason….

Feature: 5 Good Things About 5 Bad Movies

Every now and then you’ll be watching a bad movie, and a moment arises that actually isn’t terrible. Whether you’re coming to realise it on your first viewing, or you’re watching it for that very reason, sneering at its incompetence like the connoisseur you are, sometimes there are just bits that aren’t so awful, maybe…

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