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Top 10 lists on various subjects.

Feature: 5 Good Things About 5 Bad Movies

Every now and then you’ll be watching a bad movie, and a moment arises that actually isn’t terrible. Whether you’re coming to realise it on your first viewing, or you’re watching it for that very reason, sneering at its incompetence like the connoisseur you are, sometimes there are just bits that aren’t so awful, maybe…

Feature: Top 10 80s Action Movie Stars

80s action films generally showcased one or more of the following traits: Excessive muscle mass, big choreographed fight sequences (weaponized or not), and memorable one-liners. Love them or hate them, they’re forever engrained into our collective psyches. This list is a salute to those brave men who have made our mindless entertainment possible. Criteria: Must…

Feature: Top 10 Movie Robots

Now that I’ve officially seen Transformers: Rise of the Fallen (yeah, I’m that slow), I can put this list of Top 10 Movie Robots together. Criteria: Has to be a mobile machine; nothing hand drawn; only one candidate eligible from a film or film series.

Feature: Top 10 Hottest Movie Strippers

In honor of Ms. Jessica Biel adding herself to the list of actresses who’ve played a stripper on the big screen, I developed my personal top 10 list of the best and sexiest strippers in a movie. Criteria: Must be a known actress in a stripper role. There may be a few NSFW clips down…

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