André Rouleau

Movie Review: Delivery Man (2013)

What happens when a slouch finds out he has more children than he can count on 100 hands? Well, in director Ken Scott’s world, the result is Delivery Man an underdeveloped, klutzy film that, while full of potential, evaporates quickly amid humorless scenarios and faulty acting from a cast of youngsters who are supposedly adversely…

Movie Trailer: Goon (2011)

Every hockey team has an enforcer or two — a couple of guys who don’t have the best stick handling or skating skills but can kick the ass of those who do. In Goon that’s Doug Glatt. As a member of the lowly Halifax Highlanders, his responsibility is to wreak havoc on opposing teams while…

Movie Review: Mesrine: Public Enemy #1 (2008)

So I assume that you’ve all seen “Mesrine: Killer Instinct” and are now anxious to see the conclusion to the series. Luckily, you are not to be disappointed as Mesrine: Public Enemy #1 delivers the same captivating storytelling, magnetic performances, and ace dialog that its predecessor sported. It does, however, lose a bit of focus…

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