Christopher Milburn

Movie Review: Outcast (2014)

A warrior with no cause and no companions other than his sword and his guilty conscience. A mentor who lost his faith upon witnessing his protégé’s descent into bloodlust and murder. A prince who betrays his family for power and will crush anyone who opposes him. A young man who learns honor, courage and humility…

Movie Review: Getaway (2013)

I think the first order of business after completing this review would be to sue Warner Brothers, as well as other makers of this film for long-term effects of seizures due to the constant and — at times — almost unbearably shaky, vibrating and just plain jumpy “Cloverfield“-like camera work employed by director Courtney Solomon…

Movie Trailer: Getaway (2013)

2013 is apparently the year of Ethan Hawke. Aside from starring in the romance drama, “Before Midnight,” and the horror science-fiction flick, “The Purge,” he’s also racing through the streets in Getaway. Borrowing tropes from movies like “Drive,” “Transporter 2” and “Fast and Furious 6” he’s tasked with doing the bidding of the man who…

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