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Movie Review: A Woman’s Life (2016)

The story of A Woman’s Life (original title “Une vie”) centers around Jeanne Le Perthuis des Vauds (Judith Chemla, “In the Name of My Daughter”). Like most women of her time and place (19th-century France), she exists only to suitably and fruitfully marry. She spends her days reading or playing backgammon with her parents, engaging…

Movie Review: The Young Karl Marx (2017)

Stating that history is determined by the struggle between the ruling classes (the exploiters) and the oppressed classes (the exploited), nineteenth century German philosopher Karl Marx blamed poverty and starvation on the evils of capitalist society and declared that class conflict could only be ended by the overthrow of capitalism and the building of a…

Movie Review: Metamorphoses (2014)

It feels like an exercise that is an illustration that looks like a transmutation passing for an adaptation in drag while clothing itself with cues of sensuality where there’s little more than a holographic reflection of flesh come true with some make belief bleeding. In reality, though, Christophe Honoré’s Metamorphoses uses its original more as…

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