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Movie Review: Bleeding Heart (2015)

A sacred bond between sisters, no matter how close they seem, takes a lifetime to build. Through this intricate construction of a relationship, a deep sense of trust, intimacy, and selflessness are formed. Those key ingredients are the basis for unconditional love and without it, there is the highly probable potential of having a relationship…

Movie Review: Wasp (2015)

Babbling in a bubble. Like babbling in a bubble. No wise words. No intelligible ideas. Only an interminable babble of three carton-cut characters living in the little bubble that this film provides. Watching Wasp is like listening to an irrelevant insect buzzing around without it becoming anything but a mild nuisance in the background. The…

Movie Trailer: What’s Your Number? (2011)

The international trailer for the R-rated comedy What’s Your Number? has been made available by 20th Century Fox. In what looks like a funny, albeit a less than stellar premise, Anna Faris digs through her past boyfriends in search of Mr. Right. Her neighbor, a commitment-phobic playboy, played by Chris Evans, aids in her exploration…

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