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Movie Review: Three Ages (1923)

So it turns out that sixty years prior to Mel Brook’s epic 80s run of classics, Buster Keaton was busy beating him to the parodic punch. Keaton’s brand of physical gag comedy has always been wildly distinctive and brilliant, but his work is not generally so focused on the specific spoof. That brand of comedy…

Movie Review: The Croods (2013)

DreamWorks Animation, often the poor stepbrother to Pixar, has had a pretty good run over the past two years with “Kung Fu Panda 2,” “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” and “Rise of the Guardians.” That trend continues with The Croods, a wild, colorful tale about the end of the Neanderthals, continental drift, plate tectonics and…

Movie Trailer: The Croods (2013)

Apparently even in prehistoric times, mothers are abhorred by their daughters’ husbands. It, and many others, is a running joke in DreamWorks upcoming animated adventure The Croods. Nic Cage voices Grug, the overprotective father, husband and mother-in-law hater, who, after their cave is destroyed, must find his family a new home. With the help of…

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