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Movie Review: Greyhound (2020)

Bona fide Hollywood A-lister, Tom Hanks (“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”), strikes again in Greyhound, a World War II-set drama that drops viewers into the exceedingly cold, choppy waters of the Atlantic in the winter of 1942, as Allied forces attempt to deliver troops and supplies to the European Theatre. Director Aaron Schneider, who…

Movie Review: Battleship (2012)

Picture it — a grizzled veteran cop showing the ropes to a rookie is tasked with solving a brutal murder of a young Hollywood starlet. Few clues were left at the scene, save for a red chip with the cursive letter “H” imprinted upon it — a calling card of the killer. A week later,…

Movie Trailer: Battleship (2012)

Don’t ask me why the upcoming alien invasion movie is titled Battleship after the mega-popular Hasbro board game; as best as I can tell, other than the fact the US Navy and its arsenal (carriers, destroyers and, yes, battleships) are in play, the movie has nothing to do with the game (I’d choke if the…

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