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Movie Review: The Intern (2015)

Nancy Meyers’ The Intern is both about an intern and an intern in itself. Mainstream comedies often feature a young, driven individual whose commitment to his/her career affects his/her romantic or family relationships, but the sage advice of a smart minor character helps the protagonist see things more clearly and re-establish their priorities. That sub-plot…

Movie Review: Safe Haven (2013)

There are mass murderers and former dictators rotting away in prison cells who have done better for the human condition than author, Nicholas Sparks. If Nicholas Sparks was a conflict he would be the Hundred Years War; if he were a baseball team he would be the 1962 New York Mets; if he were a…

Movie Review: Hide and Seek (2005)

The basic premise of the movie: A family man takes his daughter from their city home where a tragedy had occurred, to a country cottage where all hell breaks loose. Hide and Seek has a great cast so I expected good things. Robert DeNiro still has some acting left in him. Dakota Fanning is an…

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