Carl Ellsworth

Movie Trailer: Red Dawn (2012)

I hear your snickering, but it can happen. North Korea could conceivably invade and occupy the United States. And that’s the notion behind Red Dawn, the remake of the 1984 movie “Red Dawn.” Okay, it would have probably made more sense to go with the Chinese as the invaders (they’re more of a threat, and…

Movie Review: Disturbia (2007)

Work has been kicking my ass for the past week or so, so I hadn’t had a chance to get out to the theaters to catch anything worth my while. Today, I had a few hours to kill so I looked at the leader board and saw Disturbia was still holding a commanding lead. The…

Movie Review: Red Eye (2005)

With my folks in town and some time to kill, we decided to sit back and watch the latest Wes Craven psychological thriller Red Eye. Personally, I had absolutely no idea what this movie was about except for the fact it had some shit to do with a plane, a pretty girl and a crazy…

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