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Movie Review: Teenage Ghost Punk (2014)

I didn’t think a comedy called Teenage Ghost Punk would be anything but a hot mess that tried too hard to be funny, but I was pleasantly surprised. It ain’t just funny; it’s uproarious, with a creative bent not often seen in the horror-comedy genre. Carol (Adria Dawn, “Uncle John”)is a middle-aged divorcee who’s left…

Movie Review: (2017)

I just finished watching the hilarious (or “S/,” as it’s expressed in the credits), which is a, um, slasher movie. Those aren’t usually funny, and this one probably didn’t set out to be comical in nature, but it is what it is: One of those elusive so-bad-it’s-good movies. begins with some faux news…

Movie Review: Havenhurst (2016)

In Havenhurst, a recovering alcoholic takes up residence in a Gothic apartment building in an effort to locate her missing friend, herself an addict, and finds a rabbit hole worthy of Lewis Carroll himself. The movie is truly effective at bringing the scares, with an atmosphere of unease and a typically amazing performance by Fionnula…

Movie Review: Vampyres (2015)

Vampyres is based on a 1974 cult classic. I haven’t seen the original, but it looks perfectly sleazy, decadent, and nasty, so I’m sure it’s right up my alley. Unfortunately, its successor is charmless and devoid of such luxuries as acting and a decent script. Which kind of means it fails at being a bad…

Movie Review: Counter Clockwise (2016)

The cerebral time-travel thriller Counter Clockwise is quite a piece of work, with a punchy script and tight editing and direction, all set to an eerie score. If you enjoyed Shane Carruth’s “Primer,” take a gander at this one — it has all of the intriguing metaphysical concepts, but is a little easier to follow….

Movie Review: The Devil Lives Here (2015)

The Devil does many things in movies. He rides out, he has a brigade, he hangs out with Miss Jones and Daniel Webster, and he even thumbs a ride. And, apparently, he lives in a farmhouse in rural Brazil in the aptly named The Devil Lives Here. (This would be useful information for the local…

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