Feature: Top 10 Hottest Bald-Headed Actresses

Published on November 1, 2007 by

There is no other reason for this list other than the fact that while buzzing my own hair off I wondered how many actresses had done the same thing. Turns out not so many.

Criteria: Must have shaved or buzz cut their hair for a movie role — no bald caps.

10Toni ColletteToni Collette

Shaved her head for her role as Griselda / Sister Concordia in 8 ½ Women.

9Cate BlanchettCate Blanchett

Shaved her head for her role as Philippa in Heaven.

8Mena SuvariMena Suvari

Shaved her head for her upcoming role as Catherine Bourne in The Garden Of Eden.

7Noémie LenoirNoémie Lenoir

Shaved her head for her role as Genevieve in Rush Hour 3.

6Robin TunneyRobin Tunney

Shaved her head for her role as Debra in Empire Records.

5Bai LingBai Ling

Shaved her head for her role as Tuptim in Anna and the King.

4Demi MooreDemi Moore

Shaved her head for her as Lt. Jordan O’Neil role in G.I. Jane.

3Sigourney WeaverSigourney Weaver

Shaved her head for her role as Ellen Ripley in Alien³.

2Persis KhambattaPersis Khambatta

Went bald for her role as Lt. Ilia in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

1Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman

Shaved her head for her role as Evey in V for Vendetta.

I’m anxious to see Halle Berry with a shaved head in her upcoming film Nappily Ever After. I’m betting she looks great.

What say you?


  1. - The Critical Movie Critics

    these ladies may look good with hair, but they all look sickly to me bald. shit, demi moore looks like a man without hair!

  2. - The Critical Movie Critics
    Gary Rodgers

    When I first read the title all I could think of was Brittney, but then again she’s not an actor… or a good singer.

  3. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Its always how normal a female celebrity looks without hair. I guess all that money spent on their hairstyles definetly pays off, at least, aestically. Personally, I don’t find any of the women attractive other than Demi Moore and Natalie Portman.

  4. - The Critical Movie Critics

    I have to agree with some of the previous commenters: Bald chicks look like hell.

    I’d screw most of these ladies with hair on their heads but not sporting the chemo look.

  5. - The Critical Movie Critics

    i think most of them look great! specialy Lenoir, she’s hot

  6. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Poor Toni Collette should probably never be on any “Hottest” list. Bai Ling, too.


  7. - The Critical Movie Critics

    I’d screw most of these ladies with hair on their heads but not sporting the chemo look

    You’d screw ‘em without hair too. Beggars can’t be choosers!

    Poor Toni Collette should probably never be on any “Hottest” list. Bai Ling, too.

    Toni is #10! She is attractive and she likes to get fully naked; that has to account for something! I think Bai Ling is pretty. Crazy too. Check out her spread for Playboy before you cast her aside.

  8. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Persis is the only woman ever who looked better bald. Half of your “hottest” list looks horrible.

  9. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Half of your “hottest” list looks horrible.

    Opinions are like assholes… :)

  10. - The Critical Movie Critics

    About half of them still look incredibly hot without hair… The person that felt Demi looks like a guy.. really needs to be careful when picking up people apprarently. As for chemo references yes that is what would come to mind as a cause unfortunately for most but dno’t think sickly because you connect sickly to the cause. And I think two look better without (or with very short hair) than ever with long hair.

  11. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Cool thread.
    Lenoir looks pretty good.
    I gotta say, all those asses talking about the ‘chemo look’ need to look at young maasi women…
    Dont think toni collette should be there tho…

  12. - The Critical Movie Critics

    I think Persis Khambatta was the only actress who looked stunning with her shaven head.

  13. - The Critical Movie Critics
    Case de pariuri

    I don’t agree…I think that Demi Moore looks much better than all others. It’s true that Persis looks kind of sweet, but if given a bald woman I would choose Demi. Also Noemi looks attractive, but she’s not completely bald. :P At the end of the list Toni and Bai Ling look ridiculous and I can imagine them wearing 7/24 a hat or something to hide their act. The question is, would you agree in having your girlfriend bald for such a motivation?

  14. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Most of the bald women I’ve seen are really beautiful.

  15. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Britney Spears should be in this list.

  16. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Weird people on this site seem so opposed to bald women, since I’ve always admired them. I think being bald enhances beauty if you have strong enough features. Kinda sucks they grow it out immediately after their role is up, though.

    I could be a bit biased, being a bald girl myself. :)

  17. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Malin Akerman has a shaved head in Happythankyoumoreplease. Once you get past the no eyebrows she looks good with a chrome dome.

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