Feature: Top 10 Hottest Redheaded Actresses

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While channel surfing, I happened across this ridiculous show: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List starring Kathy Griffin (obviously). Aside from being unfunny, the only thing that struck me was her red hair.

Gears started turning in my head and I started to think about redheaded actresses in general. Who are they? Which of them would I gladly sleep with? Below is my list, painstakingly researched (yeah, right). I will say it was harder than it looked especially since I wanted to focus my attention on natural redheads and not the 1,001 dye jobs.

Criteria: Must be a natural redhead; must have starred in a movie; must be relatively young — no dead or old broads.

10Alicia WittAlicia Witt

A relative unknown, although she’s been around for awhile. I noticed her in the 2002 film Two Weeks Notice in which she plays a sexy lawyer/secretary. She’s got a great set of legs and a great smile.

9Marcia CrossMarcia Cross

Everyone knows her from Desperate Housewives, of which she one of the hotter wives. Even though she is one of the older ladies on the list, check out her skin tone on an HD television. It is flawless. You can’t pay a plastic surgeon for work like that.

8Laura LeightonLaura Leighton

While we’re on the subject of Melrose Place (Marcia Cross starred in it), here is another alum. She took the top redhead spot from Marcia when she joined the cast in 1993. Since her stint as the conniving hooker Sydney, she’s bounced around the Hollywood circuit. She still has fantastic curves.

7Molly RingwaldMolly Ringwald

Do I even have to remind you who she is? Every guy wanted to be with her due to the 1980 hits Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club. After all these years, she still looks great and I’d still love a chance with her.

6Isla FisherIsla Fisher

She hit my radar screen a few years back in the comedy Wedding Crashers. She is a bubbly and enthusiastic young lady. The fact she has a fantastic shape to boot doesn’t hurt either. You’ll be seeing more of her in the near future.

5Laura PreponLaura Prepon

This is the homely girl of the list. You wouldn’t realize it from her role as Donna in That ’70s Show, but she has got herself a kick-ass bod. I wish I had a neighbor like her when I was growing up. No points deducted due to her wearing her hair blonde now.

4Angie EverhartAngie Everhart

Every list has a model turned actress. Angie fills the role here. Tall, tight and beautiful. There is something predatory about the way she looks that is a major turn-on. Hunt me down, Angie, hunt me down!

3Alyson HanniganAlyson Hannigan

She is perky and cute as hell. It was because of her confession about sticking a flute in her pussy in American Pie that I became a sexual deviant. Due to these reasons she is high on my list.

2Nicole KidmanNicole Kidman

Hands down the best actress on this list. She is a tall, sexy, classy and sensual woman. I don’t think there is much more to say about her that you already don’t know.

1Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan

She likes to get drunk. She likes to snort cocaine. Isn’t a girl as cute as this with these attributes, every guys fantasy? She’s certainly found a foothold in the dark recesses of my mind.

Go on, hit me with all the women I’ve missed. All I ask is that you actually try and find out if they are a true redhead or not (even though I know you won’t).


  1. - The Critical Movie Critics
    Red Rules

    You’ve missed a few ringers:

    Julianne Moore
    Gillian Anderson
    Debra Messing
    Sarah Wayne Callies

    By the way, once you get a true redhead, you’ll never go back to the basic blondes and brunettes. REDS RULE!

  2. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Really fantastic work of getting those red heads. Again “Lindsay Lohan’got her AWARD… But she deserves it…

  3. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Julianne Moore

    True redhead, just not one I find particularly attractive.

    Gillian Anderson

    Not a true redhead. Rumor has it she is a blonde.

    Debra Messing

    Not a natural redhead. Hair is brown.

    Sarah Wayne Callies

    Never seen her before. If she is a true red I would have added her to the list.

  4. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Nikki COx
    Kate Blanchett
    Princess Fergie

  5. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Nikki COx

    Natural haircolor is brown.

    Kate Blanchett

    Natural haircolor is supposedly blonde.

    Princess Fergie

    Natural redhead. Not an actress or someone I find particularly attractive though.

  6. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Great list (even though I think Angie Everhart should be #1).

    You did miss Rose McGowan though. I believe she is true redhead and definitely belongs on this list.

  7. - The Critical Movie Critics
    Golden Sweep

    Lindsay Lohan
    Nicole Kidman
    Isla Fisher

    I like them.

  8. - The Critical Movie Critics
    Steve Kuncio

    Hey, no one loves a redhead more than me–I even like ‘em dyed. So I need to point out that several on your list are not natural redheads (or may not be):

    Molly Ringwald–It broke my teenage heart when I found out she was naturally a brunette.
    Marcia Cross–look back at her older pictures. Hair was brown then. So I’m not sure which is the dye job.
    Laura Leighton: Also not sure about her–I’ve seen her with both brown and red hair

    • - The Critical Movie Critics

      Rose McGowan


      Molly Ringwald–It broke my teenage heart when I found out she was naturally a brunette.

      It breaks my heart, but I believe you are correct. I just a saw a photo of her from Mickey Mouse Club and her hair does appear to be brown. I guess I’ll have to pretend I didn’t see it!

      Marcia Cross–look back at her older pictures. Hair was brown then. So I’m not sure which is the dye job.

      The older photos I saw of her looked auburny, which I included as a red. She is definitely not as red as the hair she currently wears.

      Laura Leighton: Also not sure about her–I’ve seen her with both brown and red hair.

      She was another one with reddish-brown hair that I included. Seeing as I liked her, I took the leap of faith.

      This list was a lot harder than I anticipated; none of these ladies openly admit if their hair is a dye job or not. I suppose next time, I’ll ask for your help fact-checking before I publish my next top-ten list! Thanks for clarification.

  9. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Alyson Hannigan is not a natural redhead as she is claiming like EVRYWHERE at the moment since her recent change from the firey red to dark brunette. Check my stepmother is an alien. *sobs*

  10. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Lindsay Lohan #1? You’ve got to be kidding. She is total trash.

  11. - The Critical Movie Critics

    love them redheads (I married one) :)

  12. - The Critical Movie Critics

    How about Julia Roberts, Marg Helgenburger and Cynthia Nixon.

    How about an honorable mention to Maureen Ohara and Ann Margret. Two of the smokin hottest red heads of all time.

  13. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Lindsay Lohan #1? You’ve got to be kidding. She is total trash.

    She certainly is. That’s why she got the number one spot! :P

    How about Julia Roberts, Marg Helgenburger and Cynthia Nixon.

    Julia Roberts and Cynthia Nixon aren’t true redheads. You’re the first person ever to think Marg Helgenburger is hot!

    How about an honorable mention to Maureen Ohara and Ann Margret.

    Indeed there are plenty of redheads from ages past. Part of my criteria was they “must be relatively young — no dead or old broads”.

  14. - The Critical Movie Critics

    drew berrymore
    kirsten dunst

  15. - The Critical Movie Critics

    How about Tawny Kitaen? I still remember that White Snake video like it was yesterday.

  16. - The Critical Movie Critics

    She’s done some scary movies; Saw I-IV, but in other films, Shawnee Smith is one the sexiest readheads that I’ve seen.

  17. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Good list.

    Shame about Molly Ringwald. I had many dreams about her growing up. :P

  18. - The Critical Movie Critics

    One of the hottest redheads out there hasn’t even
    been mentioned Tracy Griffith. Younger half sister Of Melanie Griffith.

  19. - The Critical Movie Critics

    sweet list. i only disagree with Laura Prepon being in the top 5-Isla Fisher easily tops her.

    oh yeah, the nude pics of Marcia Cross show she is a true red—fire bush! :D

  20. - The Critical Movie Critics

    lohan runs circles around the other girls.

  21. - The Critical Movie Critics

  22. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Nice list. I have a few suggestions for additions:
    (no particular order)
    * Amy Sloan – the redhead from “The Day After Tomorrow” who is against burning the books

    * Maria Thayer – Watch “Accepted” and just try to tell me you wouldn’t go to South Harmon just for Rory.

    * Rachelle Lefevre – Fever is right! Former “Big Wolf On Campus” star is red hot

    * Amber Barretto – I’d spend some “Hang Time” with this “Little Monster” any day!

    * Lauren Ambrose – of “Six Feet Under”

    * Felicia Day – a bit quirky in her recurring role on “Buffy,” but hot as hell in “Bring It On Again”

    * Not really sure about just how red this one’s hair really is, but…Jennifer Morrison, the “House” actress who could take care of me anyday

    * Well, this one is rarely a redhead anymore, but Claire Danes is still pretty hot

    * A couple of younger – but still legal – ones: Danielle Panabaker (from TVs “Shark”) and Renee Olstead (formerly of “Still Standing,” also a fantastic smooth jazz singer)

    As for one of the additions from another poster: Drew Barrymore (not Berrymore) is not a natural red head. Check out ET and Firestarter – she’s a blondie.

  23. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Amy Adams looks like she’s got reddish hued hair and she looks damn good.

  24. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Renee Olstead
    Scarlett Pomers
    Nice list, thanks for taking the time to post it.

  25. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Ann-Margret should be on here. :D

  26. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Great list. YOu missed Kate Walsh though.

  27. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Christina Hendricks for the win? Insanely hot and not stick-thin (which may have something to do with the insanely hot part).

  28. - The Critical Movie Critics

    drew barrymore , lily cole, gemma arterton, Izabella Scorupco, Danielle Panabaker,
    julia roberts they where all natural red heads when they where little but when they grew older they changed there hair color a lot. So people think they have different hair.

  29. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Rachelle Lafevre, Miranda Otto,julianne moore, Christina Hendricks, Debra Messing, Melinda Clarke, LAUREN AMBROSE, -kate winslet, Anneliese van der Pol, Kate Walsh, Rose McGowan, Bethany Joy Lenz, Nikki Cox, Sarah Wayne Callies, Daneel Harris, emily blunt, Barbara Meier, Elizabeth Bogush,

  30. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Mila Jovich is a really good one that you missed, but your list is well put together, hats off to you sir

  31. - The Critical Movie Critics
    P Shaw

    I’m glad Laura Prepon made your list, but I’m another for Lauren Ambrose, Gillian Anderson and especially ANNA FRIEL. Totally hot.

  32. - The Critical Movie Critics

    I would like to add Kari Byron from Myth Busters. Dear God, thank you for redheads. They make life that much sweeter for the rest of us.

  33. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Marg Helgenburger is a stunner! I also loooooove Marcia Cross. Some other favs are Cintia Dixon, Lily Cole and Karen Elson.

    A beautiful redhead is one of nature’s most amazing wonders.

  34. - The Critical Movie Critics

    KARI BYRON!!!! :D

  35. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Barbara Meier is the most beautiful redhead i’ve ever seen

  36. - The Critical Movie Critics

    I’d like to add Anna Gunn and Annie Wersching to this list. They’re the two hottest women on my two favorite TV shows and are definitely in my Top 10. I’m also partial to Laura Prepon (closely resembles my wife), Julianne Moore (is just flat-out fine), Linday Lohan (pre-skank), Maureen O’Hara (classically gorgeous), Ann-Margaret (was anybody in the 60’s sexier?), Nicole Kidman (I won’t hold it against her that she was married to Tom Cruise), Renee Russo (watch “The Thomas Crowne Affair” then get back to me), and Allison Hennigan (There was this one time, at Band Camp…)

  37. - The Critical Movie Critics

    kidding Marg Helgenburger is super hot

    and Sabrina Lloyd is a natural redhead(she dyed it for Numb3rs

    Amy Adams, gutta love red-headed princesses :)

  38. - The Critical Movie Critics

    err no kidding Marg is hot*

  39. - The Critical Movie Critics

    What about Bryce Dallas Howard? She’s the most gorgeous redhead I’ve ever seen (and yes, she is a natural redhead, though she died her hair blond for Spiderman 3).

  40. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Marcia Cross has a great head of hair but I’ve never found her to be “hot” per se. I recently saw Jayma Mays in Paul Blart, Mall Cop and fell in love. My addition to the list (she may not be hot anymore, but she was 20 years ago) is Annette O’Toole.

  41. - The Critical Movie Critics
    colleen maree

    being a redhead who comes from a family full of redhead women I have enjoyed checking these beautiful redhead women out as sometimes I think we get overlooked….

    that barbara meiers is a stunner as is bryce dallas howard and lauren ambrose….I always thought Nicole was a stunner (kidman) and cant understand why she has died her hair blonde now….

    another one is the new girl on law and order…she is a stunner……for an oldie…check out the filmclip for whitesnake “here I go again”…..wow….and what a head of hair

  42. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Laura Prepon is definitely not “homely”. If you look at her face up close, it’s absolutely stunning. Perfect nose, features, almond shaped eyes and huge full lips. GORGEOUS GIRL. You should rent the indie flick “Karla” in which she plays one of the “Ken and Barbie killers” (true story)

  43. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Laura Prepon is not a natural redhead. She’s a brunette and was asked to dye her hair for That 70’s Show.

  44. - The Critical Movie Critics

    I agree that Amy Adams should be on the list, she is absolutely gorgeous!

  45. - The Critical Movie Critics

    First of all, whoever thinks that Kari from Mythbuster’s haircolor is “natural” is a moron!
    Secondly, there are fewer than 4 natural redheads on your (the author of this post) list. Beautiful ladies…yes. Natural redheads…no.
    As for all of the commentators, No, Rose McGowan, Milla Jovovitch, and Amy Adams, yes AMY ADAMS, are NOT natural redheads. Amy Adams is a natural blonde, or so she claims, and if you ever are inclined to lose all respect for her as an actress, you need look no further than the shitfest that is Cruel Intentions 2.

  46. - The Critical Movie Critics
    Wiz. of OZ

    Obviously somebody is getting their actresses personality traits mixed up with those of their characters. At the most you may be able to gleen something about them from the roles they chose to take, but only if a higher pecentage is more of one kind than another, as a general principle anyone could take any given role at any time for any given reason even finacial. So unless you can see a pattern in which roles they choose I wouldn’t put too much stock in what their character said was done with a flute. And with there being no such thing as bad press for getting noticed I wouldn’t put to much stock in their supposed drug habits or other behaviors. Remeber all that glitters is not gold. Cinema is built on dreams. It’s all smoke and mirrors even David Copperfield. Silver used in chemistry, on film for a mirror, and silver turns to gold…or in this case makes money.

  47. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Laura Prepon looks a lot hotter with red hair though

  48. - The Critical Movie Critics

    nicole kidman isn’t a natural red-head she just went through a red head phase she’s actually a natural blonde
    I agree she’s a stunner
    but if you want an idear of her more natural colour look into bmx bandits a very dodgy old time bmx film
    where her hair colour is more blondy brunette

  49. - The Critical Movie Critics

    You’ve also forgot the British newbie and true redhead beauty, Lily Cole. In Dr. Parnassus’ Imaginarium and a catwalk model. Her face looks like a doll.

  50. - The Critical Movie Critics

    - KATE MARA (the shooter, brokeback mountain, transibberian)


    How can they not be in the list?? They’re fucking hot!! From that list I think Isla Fisher is the hottest one btw.

  51. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Laura Prepon’s natural hair color is brown. She dyed it red for That 70’s Show.

  52. - The Critical Movie Critics
    the one

    Lovely Lindsay Lohan! Number 1.

  53. - The Critical Movie Critics

    uhh, christina hendricks wasnt on list because teh list was originated almost 4 years ago Einstein

  54. - The Critical Movie Critics

    I correct myself…the list originated 3 years ago Hawking….had to throw another genius name in there for effect

  55. - The Critical Movie Critics

    and just for kicks Jayme Langford is the hottest redhead ever…followed closely by stand up comedian April Macie

  56. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Nicole Kidman is definately a natural redhead. BMX Bandits when she was 12 she had naturally darkish firey red hair. She died it lighter red then strawberry blonde when she was older.

    Good list, hard to know if a lot are natural red heads or not, though sure even if blonde or brunette they had a reddish tinge to it otherwise red would not suit them.

  57. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Rachel Brosnahan!!!

  58. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Christina Hendricks is not a natural redhead. Neither is Nicole Kidman. Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica from True Blood) is also another hottie who has fooled a lot of people into thinking she’s a natural redhead.

  59. - The Critical Movie Critics

    What about Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan ???
    she is beautiful!!!

  60. - The Critical Movie Critics
    re: liam

    What does it matter that the post is from 2007? Christina Hendricks has been acting since 1999, and has been fairly well known since at least 2003.

  61. - The Critical Movie Critics

    christina hendricks is with out doubt the hottest redhead ever

  62. - The Critical Movie Critics
    mr big dick

    emma stone she should be stay here!

  63. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Just thinking about a fiery redhead gets me going! Good list, I must say.

  64. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Laura Prepon is the homely girl on this list?!?

    You need your eyes checked….or your standards raised.

    “you would not realize it from watching that 70’s show,but she has a rockin’ bod.”

    you never WATCHED that 70’s show,did you?

    you should.( all the ladies (except MRS.Foreman) had
    rockin bods AND great comedic timing.)

    Check it out!!

  65. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Sorry to break it to you but most of these girls are NOT natural red heads.

  66. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Jessica Chastain. Gorgeous and talented. She is my number one.

  67. - The Critical Movie Critics
    Bob Huston

    Darby Stanchfield – Castle’s first wife, Meredith, and Gibbs’ first wife, Shannon.

  68. - The Critical Movie Critics

    Bryce Dallas Howard

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