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Movie Review: The Vessel (2016)

It’s tough to make a religious film in 2016. Not that they aren’t produced anymore, far from it, but that their demographic continues to diminish. An increasingly secularized temperament in the world today means the topic of religion or spirituality in cinema becomes discussed in ever more derisive ways. For audiences, it was difficult to…

Movie Review: God’s Not Dead 2 (2016)

In our very cynical times one could argue that the kind of movie genre needed more than ever is the faith-based drama. And with recent spiritual outings such as “Risen,” “Miracles From Heaven” and “The Young Messiah” invading the box office this movie season, it would seem Hollywood agrees as we are subjected to yet another…

Movie Review: To the Wonder (2012)

Permeated by a sense of the sacred, Terrence Malick’s latest film points us to the transience of all things. Appropriately titled To the Wonder, the film has Malick’s stamp written all over it: Philosophical voice-overs uttered in hushed tones to a haunting orchestral soundtrack, panoramic displays of the physical beauty of nature, a story that…

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