Articles by Michael O'Sullivan

The Critical Movie Critics

Having watched so many films of different shapes and sizes, I am a bitter, fastidious sod who lives up to his film snobbish reputation. I will watch anything and I do mean anything. I've seen things that would make lesser men tremble in fear, like Gigli. And I've seen things that much more sensible people would turn off before it was too late, like Gigli. I hate Gigli.

Movie Review: Wolves (2016)

While its better scenes help to distract from these moments, clichés are still clichés, and no matter what strengths its actors might bring to the film, “Wolves” remains a bland, uninteresting drama that leaves the viewer feeling underwhelmed as its credits begin to roll.

Movie Review: Underground Kings (2017)

Unless your name is James Nguyen (the man responsible for treasures like “Birdemic 2: The Resurrection”), it’s difficult to laugh at a terrible movie on a shoestring budget. The temptation is to look for the silver linings, the more admirable qualities of what, frankly, looks like a disaster in pixels. Who doesn’t want to be…

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