Isabelle Nélisse

Movie Review: Mommy (2014)

Maker of music pieces, mood pieces, moving pieces, Xavier Dolan is a one-man filmmaking tour de force. And yet he knows that in order to tap into the meaty emotional center of his stories, he must trust his actors and allow them to run away with their roles. Somehow, this adventurous approach, of being both…

Movie Review: Mama (2013)

If a horror film’s story is strong enough, then there is no need for it to resort to “cheap scream” techniques to manipulate the audience. A loud, closing door during a quiet period will elicit the same scream as will a figure walking by a window with a sudden, shrieking violin. There is no earthly…

Movie Trailer: Mama (2013)

Feral girls, a mangled spectre and a creepy locale make for the setup of Guillermo del Toro’s latest horror film Mama. For it an international trailer was released today by Universal Pictures (complete with Spanish subtitles) and there are more than enough elements contained within to make one feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, most of these elements…

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