Jimmy Bennett

Movie Review: Orphan (2009)

In motion pictures, it’s a widespread belief that children are the embodiment of pure evil. Perhaps not all kids are the spawn of Satan, but horror filmmakers realize that evil disguised behind the eyes of a seemingly innocent child is an effective way of amplifying the scare factor. Into this genre now steps 2009’s Orphan….

Movie Review: Evan Almighty (2007)

Hot off the heels (if you call four years later a quick turnaround) of the successful “Bruce Almighty,” Hollywood brings to us Evan Almighty.This time however, instead of Jim Carrey carrying the load, the baton has been handed off to the new funny man of cinema — Steve Carell. Unfortunately, the baton was dropped during…

Movie Review: Hostage (2005)

Let’s begin by saying I like Bruce Willis. Always have. Any man that bagged Demi Moore is alright in my book. So I looked forward to checking out his latest movie Hostage. How can Hollywood screw up a movie that seems so similar to one of the greats: Die Hard? Movie starts off great. Motherfucker…

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