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Movie Review: Savages (2012)

Subtlety has always been a foreign concept to Oliver Stone, even back when he was in great form, so it’s not exactly surprising when various characters make a pitiful attempt at thematic commentary by blatantly spitting out the title in Stone’s latest movie, a wobbly, wandering drug dealers vs. cartels thriller. But while a few…

Movie Review: From Paris With Love (2010)

While the title of From Paris with Love may imply that it’s a romantic comedy featuring the Eiffel Tower, the title is in fact a James Bond homage, and the production is a hardcore, no-holds-barred action flick which arrives courtesy of Luc Besson’s production factory. For those unaware, Besson is the French filmmaker who produces…

Movie Review: Bolt (2008)

Step to the side Krypto, you’re not the only superdog in town. At least that’s what we’re initially led to believe in Disney’s new animated offering Bolt. After all, the dog has powers that enable him to outrun helicopters and motorcycles, lay waste to any objects in his way and incapacitate people with a mere…

Movie Review: Hairspray (2007)

Hairspray is an updated compilation of the John Waters classically campy film and the award winning Broadway musical (both of the same name). And while I very much liked the original (at least what I can recall of it), I had my reservations about the remake. That’s because remakes usually suck. Thankfully, from the moment…

Movie Review: Wild Hogs (2007)

How many of us have wanted to drop everything on our plates and head out into the sunset, into the unknown, without a care in the world? I for one have — hell I’ve actually done it (when I was much much younger) and recommend everyone give it a try. It definitely replenishes the tank….

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