Liv Tyler

Movie Review: Wildling (2018)

Hot off its debut at the South by Southwest Film Festival comes Wildling, a horror-drama that focuses on a young girl named Anna (Bel Powley, “The Diary of a Teenage Girl”). Locked away in an isolated cabin since infancy, Anna only receives glimpses into the outside world through stories told by her Daddy (Brad Dourif,…

Movie Review: Robot & Frank (2012)

The near future doesn’t look too bad. Phones are translucent and are just a sliver in thickness, you video chat through your television by voice command, cars are getting greener and smaller, and your local library will no longer maintain hard-copy volumes for you to check out. The domestic robot market is also taking off….

Movie Review: The Ledge (2011)

The Ledge was screened in New York during a stand-off between supporters and opponents of gay marriage; some journalists even believed that the city, which was one vote away from legalizing marriage equality, was on the heels on “anarchism.” Luckily, it never came that far. Coincidentally, the film, Matthew Chapman’s directorial debut (he also pens…

Movie Trailer: The Ledge (2011)

Why can’t men resist a beautiful woman? As seen in trailer for the upcoming thriller The Ledge Liv Tyler (the aforementioned woman) is at the crux of a love triangle between her God-fearing husband, Patrick Wilson, and her agnostic boss, Charlie Hunnam. It gets to an ugly head which ultimately results with Hunnam on the…

Movie Review: Super (2010)

Almost exactly one year ago Kick-Ass, directed by upcoming X-Men: First Class filmmaker Matthew Vaughn, opened to little business and reasonable critical success. Adapted from the popular Mark Millar graphic novel, the film follows a young New York teen as he tries to become a superhero in the real world. Now enter James Gunn’s Super…

Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk (2008)

The Hulk has arrived and with him comes the first real action blockbuster of the summer. Yeah sure Iron Man made some big waves, but it was short on bone aching action and heavy on sleep inducing backstory. Director Louis Leterrier and screenwriter Zak Penn make the assumption you know who the Hulk is, how…

Movie Review: The Strangers (2008)

I consider myself a very big horror buff, and many of my favorite movies are in the horror genre. Horror does something that no other types of movies can do – when they’re done right, they can make you feel for the characters that are being put through such emotions like fear and agonizing pain….

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