Maggie Smith

Movie Review: Downton Abbey (2019)

In 2019’s Downton Abbey, creator Julian Fellowes succinctly blends the bold episodic wit of the “Downton Abbey” television series with charm and grandeur — the latter playing wonderfully on the silver screen. A mix of fan service and carefully scripted royal drama, the film is an exquisite homage to the six-season British TV mainstay. Playing…

Movie Review: The Lady in the Van (2015)

Director Nicholas Hytner (“The History Boys”) serves up a poignant portrait of a disillusioned elderly British bag lady marching to the beat of her own distinctive drum in the uplifting and quirky dramedy The Lady in the Van. Hytner’s touching and slightly offbeat character study is certainly a triumphant turn for revered veteran actress Dame…

Movie Review: Gnomeo & Juliet (2011)

Regardless of what other people say, creativity is the lifeblood of any civilization. You think that without visionaries we’d have computers, automobiles, and toilet paper? No, we’d still be Neanderthals and trust me, wiping your ass with leaves isn’t as appealing as it sounds. Then again, that brings up the question: Where’d all the inventiveness…

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