David Linde

Movie Review: Arrival (2016)

From its opening shot of a house both sleek and warm to its transcendent finale, Arrival arrests attention with a grasp that is firm yet ephemeral. It is a sublime and profound experience, touching its audience on an emotional, intellectual and spiritual level, a film that declares both its originality and its ancestry. And what…

Movie Review: The Forest (2016)

In junior high school, my good friend Sara would show me “fast-forward” versions of films — she would sit me down and show me her favorite movies, speeding through the parts that were too drawn-out and inconsequential, with the purpose of getting to the good stuff faster. The Forest, the first mainstream horror movie of…

Movie Review: Biutiful (2010)

At times, it’s difficult to summarize your thoughts about a specific film. It isn’t because the film is necessarily so good or so bad that it’s beyond words, but because you’re unsure how to feel about said film until the credits finally roll. Biutiful is such a film. The film revolves around Uxbal, portrayed by…

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