Tim Perell

Movie Review: Wolves (2016)

While its better scenes help to distract from these moments, clichés are still clichés, and no matter what strengths its actors might bring to the film, “Wolves” remains a bland, uninteresting drama that leaves the viewer feeling underwhelmed as its credits begin to roll.

Movie Review: Plus One (2013)

Don’t look too deeply for an explanation to Plus One, Dennis Iliadis’ foray into the science-fictioney thriller realm. You’ll hurt your brain if you do even worse than the dull, damaged brains of everyone starring in the movie. When a meteorite hits the ground it couldn’t have come any sooner for David (Rhys Wakefield, “The…

Movie Trailer: +1 (2013)

Party time just got serious. And that’s putting it mildly as some very strange time-shifting, alternate world stuff is going on in the upcoming IFC Midnight film +1. Basically, during a massive university party with more than its fair share of drugs, alcohol and loose girls (why weren’t the frat parties I went to this…

Movie Review: The Rebound (2009)

Catherine Zeta-Jones has undoubtedly crossed that threshold that separates the young from the old — no matter how many pilates classes she takes or face pulls she has performed. So it’s no wonder the spin on her latest romantic comedy The Rebound is that of an older woman hooking up with a much, much younger…

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