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Movie Review: Fighting With My Family (2019)

Fighting With My Family is a film of weird elements: The city of Norwich, England; wrestling, with all its “fixed but not fake” performances, alternative names and larger than life personalities; a very human and indeed true story of both pursuing and losing out on a dream. Based on the story of Saraya Knight aka…

Movie Review: Birth of the Dragon (2016)

The late great martial artist and legendary dynamo Bruce Lee has been spotlighted in countless biopics detailing the iconic fighter’s trials and tribulations as an international movie star. Both casual and fanatical fans of the crafty martial arts superstar can certainly boast their knowledge of the chiseled, one-man wrecking crew that challenged global movie audiences…

Movie Review: The Call (2013)

Jaded as I am regarding cinema of this sort, I have to admit that this newest release had me for about 75 percent of its short 95-minute running time. The conclusion, however, taken right from “The Silence of the Lambs,” left a bitter taste. Not enough to pan the entire enterprise, but well, there’s that…

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