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Movie Review: Ride the Eagle (2021)

Trent O’Donnell’s Ride The Eagle has the makings of becoming the next quirky indie darling with its charming aesthetics and top-tier cast. And though it attempts to pick up the mantle from films like “Little Miss Sunshine” and similar fuzzy, off-beat dramedies, deep down, this collaboration between O’Donnell and actor/screenwriter Jake Johnson ultimately severs a…

Movie Review: Inheritance (2020)

New York is known for delivering many thrills. From the energy of the city’s entertainment to the exhilarating rush of traffic — the city (and its surrounding areas) are anything but dull. And if you are looking for proof of such a fact, then Vaughn Stein’s (“Terminal”) latest thriller Inheritance stands as quite the example….

Movie Review: Knives Out (2019)

The whodunnit provides a certain kind of cinematic pleasure. The crime which is never straightforward. The host of suspects, all with motives and sometimes conflicting alibis. The elaborately twisting plot where half the fun is not knowing and the other half finding out. Through the decades and across media from literature to film to television…

Movie Review: The Eye of the Storm (2011)

On account of its dense and lengthy disposition, adapting Patrick White’s acclaimed novel “The Eye of the Storm” for the screen was never going to be easy. In the hands of Melburnian filmmaker Fred Schepisi, though, the adaptation has given rise to an engrossing acting master-class of a drama. Set in Sydney sometime during the…

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