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Movie Review: Graffiti (2015)

The end of the world is a lonely proposition in Lluís Quílez’s grim 30-minute short Graffiti, about a single survivor in a post-apocalyptic city who wanders around the shell of an empty apartment complex with his dog in search of food, people, anything. Edgar (Oriol Pla, “Year of Grace”) doesn’t have a lot to live…

Feature: Top 10 Film Freaks

The movies enthusiastically embrace the cinema oddballs for our entertaining (and curious) purposes. Film freaks have always been the weird wonderment of big screen scrutiny and sometimes celebration. Who in this lifetime has not felt like an outsider at one time or another? The definition of being freaky can cover any spectrum or degree of…

Movie Review: Hello, My Name is Doris (2015)

Nostalgically, the baby-boomer generation that had grown up with two-time Oscar winning actress Sally Field (“Norma Rae,” “Places in the Heart”) will identify and sympathize with her quirky turn as the sixty-something working stiff Doris Miller trying to fit into a youth-oriented world while pursuing love and companionship in co-writer/co-producer/director Michael Showalter’s ambitious but uneven…

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