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Movie Review: The House (2016)

Reinert Kiil is the Norwegian director responsible for the sort-of-okay slasher “Christmas Blood” (“Juleblod”). If that film was a brooding modernization of “Silent Night, Deadly Night” then The House (“Huset”) must be his re-imagining of “The Conjuring.” On the surface it’s an interesting new twist on the familiar, demon-possessed madhouse setup. Two Nazi soldiers are…

Movie Review: Christmas Blood (2017)

Christmas Blood is rather a bland title. Perhaps in translating from the native Norwegian — the snappier “Juleblod” — they could have jumped to the unused moniker of “Silent Night, Deadly Night”: “Slayride.” Reinert Kiil’s film is very much in the same ballpark as the 1984 seasonal “classic” (there aren’t that many slasher flicks where…

Movie Review: Pioneer (2013)

In the early 1980s, an oil reserve was discovered in the North Sea, off the coast of Norway. The problem revolved around this reserve being located over 500 meters below sea level — a depth at which it is incredibly dangerous for divers to build pipelines. The US had the scientific technology and knowledge to…

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